Noah’s Ark Restaurant & Bakery

Great Food Search: Leftovers 2023!

by Terrance McArthur

You know how sometimes you have really good food, but you don’t finish it, so you have a refrigerator full of leftovers? Food reviewers can have a version of that. Maybe you come across a great restaurant, but it doesn’t fit the theme you had planned for that month, so the pictures sit in your phone until you can’t quite remember what you ate or where it was. That happened to me this year, so I present—LEFTOVERS 2023!

The Soup Quest

by Tom Sims

Sometimes, I eat alone. When I do so, my options are broader, brighter, and easier. But I do not always eat alone. When I eat with others, it is not necessary for my health that I eat. I have other ways of getting nutrition, but it is more pleasant and more of a celebration if I can order and savor something from the menu.