New York

Baconery Cafe

by Alicia Lieu

Bacon has become quite the trend over the past couple of years. I've seen bacon flavored candy and mints, bacon shaped throw pillows, T-shirts with all kinds of bacon sayings, and even bacon perfume. Historically bacon has been a flavoring agent in many cuisines before it became a popular stand alone breakfast food and topping for burgers and baked potatoes. Now bacon has come into its own as a leading role.

Touring America With Writers & Rat Lovers

by Diana Hockley

We planned our trip for months, starting with a huge map which Andrew pinned to the wall in the hallway which was the only place large enough for it. The next job was to stick pins in all the towns where my writer friends lived, but unfortunately I had to trim down my wish list. The insurance company was only going to give us 62 days and after that the cost would be too much for us. Reluctantly, I had to trim down my numbers of friends to visit, so Florida, Georgia and some areas south had to be scrapped. Likewise, Maine had to go as there was just not enough time to go there and fit Boston, Hudson and New York in as well.

California Cuisine Moves to New York City

by Alicia Lieu

When people find out that I'm originally from San Jose, California, there are typically a few responses that I get. "What are you doing out here?" "Why would you leave the beautiful weather?" and often times a rendition of, "Do you know the way to San Jose?” followed by, “Are you even old enough to know that song?" These are all legitimate questions, I suppose.

New York, New York

by Margaret Mendel

The most frequently asked question of a New Yorker is, “Where do you go for fun, entertainment and relaxation?” As if we kept a list of secret spots.
I’d like to tell them, “We wait until all the tourists go home and then we come out to play.” But, truthfully, no one can avoid the hordes of visitors and New Yorkers go about their business no matter how crowded the city becomes.

A Brew To A Kill By Cleo Coyle: Review/Giveaway

by Lorie Lewis Ham

It dawned on me this week that atmosphere plays a big part in my choice of books. Places I would love to spend time in, described in a way that makes them come to life, really draw me in as much as a great character and story. That's what drew me to Carolyn Hart's Death On Demand series set in a mystery bookstore and that's what draws me in to Cleo Coyle's Coffeehouse Mystery series.

What A Pig!

by Margaret Mendel

Fette Sou (fat pig in German) is a BBQ joint wedged between a graffiti scrawled apartment building and the parking lot of Frank’s Auto Repair Shop in New York. I’d describe it as a Brooklyn Hipster hangout with an attitude of ‘we’ll do it our way’.



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