Nancy Brewka-Clark

Heir of Innocence By Nancy Brewka-Clark: A Dark Short Story for Halloween

by Nancy Brewka-Clark

When Lemuel Kittredge came to, he was high, high up, lying in a drafty cage of planks and rusty pipes.
Weak sunlight drifted in like smoke through cracks in three of the walls. The fourth wall had been mostly window but now it was just a giant, rectangular hole, paneless and raw where birds and small climbing animals had chewed and pecked at the rotting wood.

Boston Banshee: A St. Patrick’s Day Mystery Short Story

by Nancy Brewka-Clark

“Okay.” Jackie squinted at the greasy card she’d just picked from the pile of trivia questions. The bartender, Timmy O’Toole, always pulled the pack out once a year and spread the questions under their yellowed laminated coats around the bar at random, a clump here and a clump there. “What’s small and green and has a wicked sense of humor?”



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