mystery short story

Christmas Mystery Short Story: Bring It

by Terry Shames

Jenna slid her shapely legs out of the Mercedes, admiring how elegant they looked in the five-inch Jimmy Choos. Her newly sleek body followed in an effortless, graceful movement. She smoothed the creamy silk, size-six skirt, not because there was a wrinkle in it, but to remind herself how it felt to be slender again. Forty pounds, lost in the course of a year, to gain her darling little figure back. To remind herself of what her husband had once adored.

Reckoning: A Mystery Short Story

by Pam De Voe

The early morning drizzle soaked Judge Lu with unease as he leaned over his horse. He carefully directed his steed over the muddy path, negotiating its many holes which had been carelessly filled in with rocks. He’d have to talk to the city headman about properly repairing the road. Lu could have taken the official covered carriage to make his first courtesy call on Magistrate Yu Jiao in Nanchang, the neighboring prefecture, but he much preferred riding, whatever the weather.

A Political Cornucopia: A Thanksgiving Mystery Short Story

by Debra H. Goldstein

It was nearing Thanksgiving 1969. America had put a man on the moon in July, Kennedy had been dead six years, Nixon was president, and for most of us, it was the Age of Aquarius. For me, after graduating Alabama and spending months banging on doors in New York, I’d come back home and was covering the political beat for my dad’s paper, the Wahoo Times.



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