Murder in Third Position

On Pointe Mysteries By Lori Robbins: Reviews/Giveaways/Interview

by Kathleen Costa

Lori Robbins premiered the On Pointe Mystery series with Murder in First Position in 2020, following up with Murder in Second Position (2021) and Murder in Third Position (2022). With the world of ballet as the backdrop, she introduced Leah Siderova who only ever cared about ballet. Her parents supported her dreams sending her to the best schools, but after they divorced early in her life, her mother, believing her Russian ancestry would fare better than Feldbaum on the marquee, changed their name to Siderova.

On Pointe Fiction: Nothing But the Truth (Except for the Parts I Invented)

by Lori Robbins

Life as a ballerina isn’t all tutus and tiaras. By the end of each day, a typical dancer has sweated off her makeup, starved her way through hours of rehearsals, and fended off challenges by rivals young and old. The world of dance is one that’s filled with inherent drama, and the fragility of a dancer’s life lends urgency to the most mundane details.