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by Doward Wilson

Riddle Me Dead is the fifth and newest Crossword Mysteries entry on Hallmark’s Movies and Mysteries channel starring Lacey Chabert as crossword puzzle editor Tess Harper and Brennan Elliott as New York Detective Logan O’Connor. Tess has been hired to read clues on a well know game show, but when the host is found murdered Tess joins Logan in investigating the crime.


by Sandra Murphy
& Alexis Morgan

Abby McCree got bamboozled into being on another committee. This time she’s helping with the summer outdoor movies. The two people in charge have been called out of town and Abby’s on the hook for the last one of the season, an animated children’s film.


Halloween At Home (And Some Propmaking!)

IN THE October 17 ISSUE

FROM THE 2020 Articles,
andRebecca Potts,
andReedley News,

by Rebecca Potts

As we near the finale of the best month of the year, a lot of us can’t help but feel a little deflated. Things are a lot…different this year, and tragically, Halloween will not be untouched by the chaos going on around us. Some of us might not feel comfortable going out, or we’re just looking for a new project, so it’s time to get creative at home. Propmaker Kimberly Houston from Reedley knows how to do exactly that. Kim creates props for theatre companies, horror movies, and anyone and everyone looking for props.


by Steven Sanchez

In June, 32 years ago in 1988, a film was released to the world, one that starred two comedic giants in the prime of their careers. You had Dan Aykroyd, former Saturday Night Live alum, who was fresh off the success of Trading Spaces (1983) and Ghostbusters (1984). Then there was John Candy, who was featured in a string of ‘80s classics like Splash (1984), Brewster’s Millions (1985), Spaceballs (1987), and Planes, Trains, and Automobiles (1987). That film was The Great Outdoors.

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by Steven Sanchez

Film productions are known for its size and scale of people working together. Have you seen the end credits to a film? You just see hundreds and sometimes even thousands of names scroll up the screen, people representing different departments to make one complete project. You got the director, writer(s), producers, make-up department, casting director(s), production designer, cinematographer, composer, visual effects, special effects, and the list goes on.


by Kathleen Costa

At the suggestion of a close friend, Nora Paige accepted a fascinating position as manager of the Palace Theater, a San Francisco vintage movie house showing classic films. Her film star husband took up with his sexy leading lady leaving her vulnerable to the overzealous paparazzi, so a refuge away from Hollywood was a blessing.


by Steven Sanchez

The fall is here, October has arrived, which means Halloween is just right around the corner. This is that time of year for costumes, candy, scary movies, and pumpkin spice everything. And the place that is eating up the festivities is the Historic Crest Theatre in downtown Fresno.


by Lorie Lewis Ham

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel has been taking a lot of cozy mystery book series and turning them into movies and we at KRL have reviewed most of them. We were excited to hear that Kate Carlisle’s Fixer-Upper Mysteries was the next series to be turned into movies, with the first on airing this month. We took some time to chat with Kate about this exciting news.


by Christina Morgan Cree

Alfred Hitchcock came to California in 1939 to film his first American production, Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca (1940) starring Joan Fontaine and Laurence Olivier. Most people know he lived near Hollywood in Bel Air with his wife, Alma, and daughter, Pat, and it is well known the he found inspiration in and around the Bay Area as a backdrop location for several of his films.


Fresno Filmmakers Alliance


FROM THE 2016 Articles,
andLorie Lewis Ham,

by Lorie Lewis Ham

Many people may not realize how much talent and creativity are in this Valley. KRL has covered theatre and music from the beginning, but only now and then have we written about the local film industry. Our hope is to start covering more local film, and to start that off we chatted this week with Jeff Meacham about the Fresno Filmmakers Alliance. Jeff is the Administrator of the FFA Mixers.


by Michelle Ross

What can be a better way to spend a rainy fall weekend than cuddling and watching some attention-catching movies with amazing plot twist and a little horror? I certainly can’t name a single thing (apart from books) that can top that!


Extra: A Mystery Short Story


FROM THE 2015 Articles,
andMysteryrat's Maze,
andTerrific Tales

by Michael Guillebeau

You’ve seen me a hundred times and never known it and I’ve changed your life every time.
I’m a movie extra. I take care of the details. And I’m a pro. Cheap extras show up for the paycheck; I show up for the movie. Like this one, pirate film, could be a breakthrough if we do what it takes. Sometimes extras just stand in the back and smile. Sometimes, I do a lot more.


by Michelle Swift

Warnors Theatre in Fresno is giving Central Calley residents the opportunity to see this historic 1928 Movie Palace as it would have been decades ago, and take a step back in time for a night out in a bygone era. Your next opportunity to do so will be on June 26 at 7 p.m.

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Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2: Movie Review

IN THE September 30 ISSUE

FROM THE 2013 Articles,
andJayce Ham,

by Jessica Runnels

I was very very excited for this movie to come out. I was more excited than I have been for an animated movie in a long time. I loved the first movie and I couldn’t wait for them to make another one. I was a little worried that it wouldn’t be as great as the first, because the sequels never are. But this did not disappoint.


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