Michael Guillebeau

In and Out the Rabbit Hole, With You

by Michael Guillebeau

Writers spend their lives stepping into rabbit holes. Then we go falling, falling helplessly out of control for years, typing up scenes and chapters that flash by until we reach bottom. I once saw a guy come out of a bar, early in the day, shirt half-buttoned, and wondered if he lived there like a character in a Steely Dan song. In my imagination, I fell into his nightmare. Maybe he sleeps in a broom closet in the back. Fall a little farther.

Letting Go: A Mystery Shot Story

by Michael Guillebeau

I sat and watched her dying and did nothing.

I smoothed the clean white sheets and straightened the clear plastic lines, patted her still warm hand and did nothing. There was a faint throbbing at the wrist. I tried to let go but couldn’t move away and stood there with my own hand hovering an inch above hers where I could still feel her warmth. I looked at the clock again, and saw that it had barely moved.

Extra: A Mystery Short Story

by Michael Guillebeau

You’ve seen me a hundred times and never known it and I’ve changed your life every time.
I’m a movie extra. I take care of the details. And I’m a pro. Cheap extras show up for the paycheck; I show up for the movie. Like this one, pirate film, could be a breakthrough if we do what it takes. Sometimes extras just stand in the back and smile. Sometimes, I do a lot more.