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Great Food Search … And the Food Trucks Go Rollin’ Along

by Terrance McArthur

The Great Food Search will go just about anywhere in search of food providers to share with a salivating public. Once more, we scoured the Valley for food trucks with good eats, looking for food trucks parked at Gazebo Gardens, the Tower District Farmers Market, Simonian Farms, Reedley College Farmers Market, and Sanger High School.

Great Food Search: Gourmet Food Trucks

by Terrance Mc Arthur

Each month, The Great Food Search travels the Valley to find brave new restaurants and compare culinary categories. Come with me to the world of Fresno’s gourmet food trucks. You might find one near a night gathering spot, or see groups of them at CartHops on the Fulton mall, by the Central Library, or at Gazebo Gardens by Van Ness and Shields. The variety of styles and offerings is astounding. Here is a sampling of Fresno’s wilder street food.