Golden Chain Theatre Online Melodrama

by Michael Van Buren

The Golden Chain Theatre is known for its summer melodramas. Since 1967, audiences have been booing, cheering, and enjoying free popcorn. But what was to happen in the summer of 2020 when gatherings of family and friends were not happening? How could we make sure that our patrons continue to smile beneath their masks?

Here Come the Cows (or Never Say Moo in Mesa) Presented by Golden Chain Theatre

by Jennifer Olsen

MOOoove over... Here comes a cattle stampede live on stage! Golden Chain Theatre in Oakhurst, CA presents the Tim Kelly comedy Here Come the Cows (or Never Say Moo in Mesa) beginning June 28. The annual summer melodrama, which allows for lots of audience participation, is packed with jokes, bound to have you laughing out loud. The melodrama has been a staple on the Golden Chain Theatre stage since its inception in 1967.