Mark Norwood

Mark Norwood Talks Legends Too! & Les Miserables

by Lorie Lewis Ham

As KRL celebrate's their third anniversary, we thought it appropriate to touch base with what's happening at Reedley's River City Theatre Company since our very first issue had a story about them and we have continued to cover their shows the past three years. So we sat down to chat with Mark Norwood, RCTC's artistic director, about two shows they have coming up this summer-Legends Too! which opens May 31, and Les Miserables opening July 12.

Royal Fanny On Stage At Reedley Opera House: Fanny Goes Medieval

by Lorie Lewis Ham

If you’re looking to see a show that is non stop laughs, A Royal Fanny, now on stage at the Reedley Opera House, is a must see! This is the latest in this series of original shows written by Reedley River City Theatre Co. artistic director Mark Norwood, along with his writing partner Darrell Devaurs, and a milestone for the writing team being their twentieth show together.