Mallory Moad

My Rogue Story

by Mallory Moad

The Rogue is headed this way, look out! This annual nine-day, fringe-style festival showcases the work of independent artists from around the world, and Fresno’s Tower District becomes a hub of theater, dance, music, spoken word, puppetry and just about anything else you can think of.

Costuming The Musical Dogfight

by Mallory Moad

“So why do you want to do this?”
I'm standing in the middle of a storage unit in north Fresno, staring at endless racks crammed with a variety of costumes and for the life of me I can't remember the answer to that question. The person who presented this query was Joel Abels, Artistic Director of Stageworks Fresno. “This” is designing costumes for an upcoming production of the musical Dogfight.

Valley Parades: Clovis Rodeo Parade

by Mallory Moad

In 1964, Barbra Streisand had a hit song in which she declared that nobody was gonna rain on her parade. Had Babs been in Clovis in 2015, she would have been disappointed. The 98th Annual Clovis Rodeo Parade was the third on my list of parades to see this year, and it was a wet one. A steady downpour made the cancellation of this popular event a definite possibility. But this is Clovis, rough and tough, a way of life! The show must go on! So, appropriately attired in boots, cowboy hat, and red raincoat, I staked out my place deep in the heart of Old Town.

Scats on the Sly: In the Swing of Things

by Sarah Peterson

If you’ve ever been to Fresno’s Rogue Festival or attended Jazz @ the Library, you might be familiar with the jazzy swing sound of Fresno band Scats on the Sly.
This four-member band of cool cats, comprised of vocalist Mallory Moad, bassist Martin Hansen, guitarist Mike Newton and violinist Sue Beevers, has been making music together for almost eight years.