M.L. Brennan

Dark Ascension By M.L. Brennan

by Terrance Mc Arthur

Diamonds are forever, but vampires aren’t.
In Dark Ascension, M. L. Brennan’s fourth Generation V novel, Madeline Scott, ruler of the paranormals in the Northeast US, is nearing the end of her existence. Who will rule her empire when she is gone? Prudence – whose problem-solving ends up with bodies needing burial? Chivalry – who wants things done the way Mummy always did them? Or…Fortitude (called Fort) – the youngest, who hasn’t crossed over into vamp maturity, and majored in film studies in college?

Iron Night By M.L Brennan

by Terrance Mc Arthur

When I read M. L. Brennan’s first Fortitude Scott paranormal novel, Generation V, I laughed at the misadventures of a fledgling vampire who was mistreated by friend and foe. I gasped at some mind-ripping action and I had a wonderful time discovering the author’s new look at vampire physiology and culture.



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