Love on a Leash

Working for a Dream: A Therapy Dog Story

by Lee Juslin

Rachel knew she wanted to be a vet from early on. Her mother supported her dream by scheduling vet appointments for times when Rachel could go, too and then, at nineteen, her dream was given a big boost when she landed a job with a vet clinic run by a father/daughter team. Both vets were mentors to Rachel, and she was able to get practical experience in caring for sick animals and even observing surgeries. Not afraid of hard work, Rachel worked full time at the vet hospital and carried a full load of college courses at night. Dreams are worth working hard for.

Cleo, the Accidental Therapy Cat

by Lee Juslin

Cleo was an Oops kitten. Just as Michelle was getting ready to take Cleo’s mom to be spayed, it was discovered that she was pregnant. All the kittens in the litter were cute, but from the beginning there was something special about little Cleo. Michelle kept several of the kittens, and of course that included Cleo, who continued to distinguish herself as “special”. She was gentle, loving, and despite having all her claws intact, never showed them–at least, not to people. As Michelle said, ‘She sat in the palm of my hand and there was just something unique about her!”

Duke’s Story: A Therapy Dog Story

by Lee Juslin

When Shiloh decided to get a dog, her first dog, she took all the right steps. She went to a breeder with a reputation in the breed and selected a puppy. When the puppy seemed to have recurring tummy problems, she immediately took him to a vet. And, when that vet couldn’t diagnose the problem to her satisfaction, she went to another vet. It took several vet visits before she found one who could get to the bottom of the problem. Duke, her Rottweiler puppy, her first dog ever, had Irritable Bowel Syndrome and an undersized liver, conditions the vet told her were inherited.

Skippy: From Rescued Dog to Therapy Dog

by Lee Juslin

When Jack adopted a little Boston Terrier from a local rescue, Boston Brigade Rescue, Peanuts, as he was called, was Jack’s third Boston. "I was specifically looking for another Boston, but I had to change his name right away to Skippy," said Jack. "All my Bostons have been named Skippy, and I really like that name." And, the name turned out to be especially fitting for the happy little dog.

He’s My Therapy Dog First

by Lee Juslin

Marilyn had owned Golden Retrievers for years. But, when her last Golden died at only eight years old she wondered if she could make that commitment again. Then, Marilyn talked to a Golden breeder who told Marilyn that she was expanding her line by breeding a Golden with a Standard Poodle for a non-shedding coat and for longevity. Marilyn was interested.