Loretta Jackson

Is Bigfoot Guilty?

by Loretta Jackson
& Vickie Britton

Does Bigfoot really exist? Many people think so. Over one thousand sightings have been reported in Washington and California alone, and like accounts have been made from lonely, mountain areas throughout the world. In Wyoming, where our High Country Mystery series takes place, Bigfoot has been spotted many times, mostly near Yellowstone and in the Big Horn Mountains.

The Victim’s Child By Loretta Jackson and Vickie Britton

by Loretta Jackson
& Vickie Britton

And the killer had no face…
In our newest suspense release, The Victim’s Child, Lara Radburn arrives at her rental property to find local artist, Crystal Mar, dead and her four-year-old daughter, Karma, missing. Lara has come to Quachita Springs to manage the family property after her brother died in a tragic accident. As she is frantically searching for the child, she encounters a mysterious stranger, and together they locate Karma hidden in the nearby woods.

The Executioner’s Hood By Loretta Jackson and Vickie Britton

by Sandra Murphy

Judge Phil Grayson has been found dead in his study, not just dead but murdered–and with an antique hood formerly used by executioners covering his head. The Judge collects ghoulish Old West memorabilia. The collection is valuable, but nothing’s been stolen so what is the motive? Of course a judge will have a lot of enemies and one of Grayson’s has just been released from prison. During his sentencing, he threatened to make the Judge sorry.
Now Darin Keefe is a hard man to find.



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