Nothing But the Truth By Robyn Gigl: Review/Giveaway/Interview

by Claire A Murray

Defense attorney Erin McCabe’s new client Jon Mazur is a New Jersey State Police officer charged with murdering the reporter writing an exposé on corruption within the state police. Part thriller, part courtroom procedural, Nothing But the Truth takes us beyond those two labels and explores some very personal and important issues when the parties in these proceedings are gay or transgender.

Queer Mystery Coming Attractions: July 2024

by Matt Lubbers-Moore

My husband and I are currently looking to buy a house. We are at the moment living in an 800ish square foot rental. It is nice and has been sufficient for the last few years. However, being a book collector means I need space and mostly moisture free space at that. The room used to store the books is terrible. Mold grows everywhere. Mushrooms have been found growing on the windows. Also the room is six feet wide, twelve feet long, and the ceiling is ten feet tall! It is a nice space with the exception of the moisture.

Clean Kill by Anne Laughlin: Review/Giveaway/Interview

by Sarah Erwin

Nicky Sullivan is the resident manager of a sober living home in Chicago. Previously, she served as homicide detective until alcohol took over her life, and she quit her job after a fatal shooting that also injured a young girl. Nicky works hard to stay sober, take care of her residents, point them in the right direction, and deal with her absolutely awful boss.

Queer Mystery Coming Attractions: June 2024

by Matt Lubbers-Moore

Welcome to Pride 2024!! Be safe! Be vigilant! Celebrate who you are!!
On a book-related topic, I am a part of a lot of book Facebook groups and one question that consistently comes up is what to do about bad smelling books. Most of the time it’s a book that belonged to their nine-pack-of-cigarettes-a-day grandmother and they just can’t bear to part with it.