Leslie Budewitz

Between a Wok and a Dead Place By Leslie Budewitz: Review/Giveaway

by Sandra Murphy

Pepper Reece is the owner of the successful Spice Shop in Pike Place Market in Seattle. Touring the food booths and observing the crowd, Pepper and her family are enjoying the Lunar New Year celebration, Year of the Rabbit, in the Chinatown International District. When she and a friend wander into a dim area, Pepper is shocked to see a woman she knows run out of an old building and announce she's found a body.

King River Life Staff Favorite Books of 2022

by Cynthia Chow, Terrance McArthur, Lorie Lewis Ham,
& Sandra Murphy

It's that time of year again, a time to look back at the books we reviewed here at KRL over the past year and share with you some of our favorites! We reviewed a LOT of books here on KRL and KRL News and Reviews. All but one of our main reviewers shares in this post their top 5-10ish favorite books they reviewed in 2022. Katherine Costa wanted to include favorite authors and TV shows that she has reviewed, so hers went up in a separate post over on KRL News and Reviews this week-you can find it here!

Christmas is Always in Season

by Leslie Budewitz

On the hot days of summer, it’s a treat to cool off with a nice glass of iced tea or an icy cold-brew coffee—just finished one myself, thanks. A good friend watches Christmas movies—nothing like White Christmas or The Polar Express to lower the temperature a few degrees.

The Seasons of a Story

by Leslie Budewitz

Monday. Gray skies, again. Will the temp squeeze up to double digits this aft? Even the dog hates his walk when it’s below zero, the snow crunching beneath his feet and sticking between his toes.
And then I glance out the window. It’s a Saturday in June and the earth is painted green, in the words of the little poem many of us learned as kids. We don’t have a dog, but I hear the cat yowling, ready to come inside after hunting.

Leslie Budewitz’s Top 5 Mysteries I Have Read During the Pandemic

by Leslie Budewitz

So many elements must come together just right for a good mystery—plot, character, language, theme, setting. As both reader and writer, location is huge for me, so it’s no surprise that my favorite mystery reads of the last few months have featured pitch-perfect portrayals of intriguing places. And of course, armchair travel is not just the next best thing but the only thing right now.

Treble at the Jam Fest By Leslie Budewitz: Review/Giveaway/Interview

by Cynthia Chow

Tiny Jewel Bay, Montana, depends on tourists for its survival, so the pre-Memorial Day Jazz Festival and Workshop is crucial for local businesses and residents. Five-time Grammy winner Gerry Martin has been brought in as the main attraction, but during his first performance Erin Murphy notices that the stage simmers with jealous hostility between him, his protégé, and another guitar player.

Sisters In Crime

by Terry Ambrose

The pedigree of Sisters in Crime reads like a Who's Who of mystery writing. The organization owes its roots to women writers known to most mystery fans, including Sara Paretsky, Dorothy Salisbury and Phyllis Whitney. The organization grew from a few outspoken female upstarts to become a force capable of influencing change in the mystery-publishing industry.

Guilty as Cinnamon By Leslie Budewitz: Review/Giveaway

by Sandra Murphy

Pepper’s Spice Shop is ready for spring brides, with a new bridal registry that includes cookbooks, gadgets, and exotic spice blends; and they’re planning ahead for the next season as well. Things are running smoothly except for Lynette. She has no social skills in dealing with the customers. Pepper had to give her a warning when Lynette got snippy over a return. It’s time to look for more help, just in case.