Lesley Diehl

Grilled, Chilled, and Killed By Lesley A. Diehl: Book Review/Giveaway

by Cynthia Chow

Diminutive Florida Big Lake Country Club bartender Emily Rhodes normally has no trouble calming drunks down or handling her other more abrasive companions and that includes her part-time coworker Donald Green. Emily’s coping skills are put to the test though when she stumbles across her second body at the Big Lake Bar-B-Que Competition (the first occurring in Dumpster Dying), especially considering that the body was sauced and stuffed with an apple in his mouth. It seems that philandering Everett Pratt has basted his last hunk of meat and there are a string of competitors and the not-so-broken hearted as suspects.

The Best of Friends: A Mystery Short Story

by Lesley A. Diehl

Claire stood at the rear window washing the dinner dishes and gazing at the patchy grass in the yard. It was early February, and the weather was warm and humid, but little rain had fallen during the winter, and the alligator holes were drying up. The biggest of the reptiles controlled their shrinking territory chasing smaller males to other locations.

Lunch Break: A Mystery Short Story

by Lesley A. Diehl

“My old lady send that crap in my lunch box, she’d be wearing my fist in her eye.” Ralph watched Ben fold back a corner of his sandwich, look at the contents and grimace.
“Peanut butter and jelly. Not so bad. Anyway, Myra didn’t make it. I did.” Ben took a large bite out of the white bread and washed it down with a slug of coffee from his thermos. He coughed as the dry bread and peanut butter stuck in his throat and gulped more coffee to dislodge the lump.



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