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Left Coast Crime 2012

by Lorie Lewis Ham

This is the latest book in Juliet’s series featuring witch and vintage clothing store owner Lily Ivory. Moving to San Francisco after being exiled from her Texas town for being a witch, Lily is still getting to know people and making new friends. She is very cautious whom she trusts as she has had bad experiences when people find out what she is. Unfortunately, that bad experience continued in San Francisco recently costing her a relationship.


by Lorie Lewis Ham

This week I have the delight of reviewing Jan Burke’s supernatural thriller The Messenger. For those of you who have not yet seen it, I am also posting my video interview with Jan from Left Coast Crime, and at the end of this review is a chance to win a copy of The Messenger!


by Lorie Lewis Ham

At the end of March, Kings River Life Magazine took part in Left Coast Crime 2012 Mining For Murder in Sacramento. We had the pleasure of meeting old friends and getting to know new ones. I was on a panel for my books, The Musical Mystery Panel, which was a lot of fun, we hung out in the hotel bar and showed off KRL to attendees, and did our first video author interviews, which was a lot of fun! The first two—one with Lee Goldberg and one with Victoria Heckman—have already been posted along with articles/reviews involving them, but here are several more for your enjoyment!


by Pat Browning
& Sandra Murphy

At this year’s Left Coast Crime I (Lorie Ham) will be part of a panel about Musical Mysteries–all of our mystery novels have a music connection. To help promote our panel here at KRL we have reviews of all of our latest books! Enjoy and come see us at LCC in Sacramento this Friday at 11:30 in the Campagno Room, with a signing immediately afterwards. The panel is made up of myself, Peggy Ehrhart, Bill Moody & Ken Kuhlken.


by Lorie Lewis Ham

As we prepare to head off to Left Coast Crime 2012 in Sacramento next week KRL asked a few of the authors we’ve interviewed/reviewed in the past who are attending this year’s LCC for some tips and thoughts on the conference, as well as info on the panels they are on.

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by Lorie Lewis Ham

In this next installment of our series On The Road To Left Coast Crime 2012, we have one of our favorites, Lee Goldberg. He’s joining us to talk about his new book, Mr. Monk On Patrol, and about Left Coast. We also have a review of the book & a details at the end of this post on how to enter to win a copy!


by Terell Byrd
& Lorie Lewis Ham

This week we have another in our On The Road to Left Coast Crime 2012 author interviews & reviews. L.F., or Louise, is another mystery author who will be attending this year’s LCC. Learn more about her and her writing, check out a review of her latest book, and enter to win a copy of the book in PDF-details at the end of this post.


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