New, Free, Course Options Abound at Reedley College

by Jim Mulligan

Whether you are a Reedleyite or a resident of one of the surrounding towns, you know how great it is to have a community college right in our backyard. Since 1926 Reedley College has provided higher education for residents of the South Valley and beyond. Like so many of you, Reedley College is an integral part of my family’s educational history. Four generations of Mulligans are alumni; my grandmother in the early ‘40s, my parents, me, and several of my kids, all got our post-secondary start as a Tiger.

Understanding Muslim Children in the Public Schools in America

by Wasan Abu-Baker

During my experience as a teacher, I have found that when working with English as a Second Language (ESL) learners it is important to understand the diversity of native languages spoken at home and the cultural background of each student. This background is an important part of the student’s work ethic and shapes the challenges he or she may face in school.