L.H. Dillman

Sisters in Crime Los Angeles Presents Ladies’ Night Edited by Naomi Hirahara, Kate Thornton, & Jeri Westerson

by Cynthia Chow

Beauty is only skin-deep, and that is never more apparent than in this impressive collection of short stories by the Los Angeles Chapter of Sisters in Crime. This biannual anthology takes readers on a tour that reveals the darkness hiding under the gorgeous veneer of Southern California, where illusions and play-acting are a way of life.

A Head for History: Halloween Mystery Short Story

by L.H. Dillman

Auntie Cee wasn’t really the children’s aunt, and her name wasn’t really ‘Cee.’ She was an old friend of their mama’s mama, and she came to stay whenever their mama had a bout of the keep-to-herself-in-her-room blues. When the darkness descended, somebody had to watch out for the twins and their older sister until Maxine was on her feet, and that someone was Auntie Cee. She was firm but loving, exacting yet forgiving, down-to-earth while, at the same time, touched with a bit of magic. The children thought of her as a sort of Mary Poppins, but older, plumper, and, of course, blacker.



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