Kirstie Alley

Dancing With The Stars: Finale!

by Heather Parish

Actress Kirstie Alley, Disney star Chelsea Kane, and NFL player Hines Ward are all the celebrities left on this season of Dancing with the Stars. For their final Monday show, the judges get to pick their first dance and mentor the celebrities; after that, it’s the infamous freestyle dance round.

Dancing With The Stars: Semi Finals

by Heather Parish

There’s just four celebs left now and inter-couple tensions are on the boil. For this episode, the workload is high. It’s the semi-finals, which means two new routines and then a winner-take-all cha-cha for 15 bonus points. Prior to each number, we’re treated some behind-the-scenes footage that’s cut to show the perilous physical and mental edge that Dancing With the Stars contestants must walk if they hope to cut the mustard.

Dancing With The Stars: Competition Round 8

by Heather Parish

We are down to five couples in Season 12 Week 8 of Dancing With The Stars and this week saw our couples do two dances. One rehearsed and then an Instant Dance where they learn the music and then go and rehearse while the other couples are dancing. That’s a lot of pressure, but at this stage in the game they must be pretty used to it.

Dancing With The Stars: Competition Round 5

by Heather Parish

This week marked the middle of the season for Dancing with the Stars, and to celebrate they treat us with American Theme week. This theme is definitely my least favorite so far this season—especially when compared to last week’s awesome Classical Music Night. Yes, I am a proud American, but I just thought Monday night’s theme trotted out the most overused of American clichés and stereotypes possible. There were more flag and military themed costumes trimmed with rhinestones and sequins than I could have conceived possible. God bless America…?

Dancing With The Stars: Competition Round 4

by Heather Parish

This week, it’s Dancing with the Stars‘ first-ever classical week, complete with a 46-piece orchestra, opera singer Katherine Jenkins, and hostess Brooke Burke dressed as Aphrodite. I wish I'd have known there was a dress code! Added to this array of classic culture-clash, is David Garett, a classical rock violinist, who opens the show doing an electric violin version of Beethoven’s Fifth.

Dancing With The Stars: Competition Round 3

by Heather Parish

Kirstie Alley takes a tumble on the dance floor and Ralph Macchio tumbles from the top of the leader board on Story Night on Dancing with the Stars. The celebrities pick tunes that tell a "deeply personal tale" and the competition becomes as much for the sympathy vote as it does for the dancing. “It promises to be an emotional night,” show host Tom Bergeron says, gleefully.

Dancing with the Stars Offers More Than Fluff

by Heather Parish

Dancing with the Stars opened its 12th Season on ABC this past week, and did so with a group of run-of-the-mill "celebrities" called “dull” by the press. Without a Tom Delay or Bristol Palin-- or even a Cloris Leachman in all her octogenarian glory-- there probably won't be a lot of headlines written about this season to boost news circulation.