Kings River

A Texas Premie Moves to Reedley

by Jim Bulls

There was a cold northern wind blowing across the Texas panhandle trying to get into the hospital and chill your bones, the night I was born. Mom had toxemia and I was arriving prematurely. At birth, I weighed a little over two pounds and there wasn’t an incubator in the hospital.

Deadly Discrimination: Chapter 23

by Lorie Lewis Ham

Not sure where to go next, I sat on my bike for several minutes thinking. Since the ice cream was most likely to have contained the poison, we had to figure out who’d had the chance to put something in it. I got off my bike, leaned it up against a pole, and pulled out my cell phone. It was time to call in a favor.

Reedley College Football Game Recap/October 9

by Larry Ham

Poet and Philosopher George Santayana is credited with coining the phrase "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." For the Reedley College Football team, the opposite is true. They’ve forgotten about the past - an 0-3 start - and seem intent on not repeating it after their second dominating win in a row, a 32-14 win over Hartnell College Saturday night at Reedley High School Stadium.

Win A Kings River Life T-shirt

by Lorie Lewis Ham

We at Kings River Life Magazine would like to know how you heard about us so we decided to have a contest! Simply comment on this post stating where you heard about us—whether it be Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, internet search, Traffic Magazine, promo postcards/bookmarks (please let us know where you got one if this is how), word of mouth, or any other way.

Deadly Discrimination: Chapter 20

by Lorie Lewis Ham

Tuesday morning dawned bright and beautiful. The world was no longer on my shoulders and I felt great. I began my day as I had forgotten to do of late, in prayer and devotions. When it came time to head for the church I was ready and whistling an old Nat King Cole tune called Smile.



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