King’s Players

Kings Players Present Much Ado Out West

by Lorie Lewis Ham

Every few years, the Kings Players, located at the historic Temple Theater in Hanford, produces a show that includes or is comprised of all young people. It is their hope that it instills an appreciation for the process of theater and the joy of performing. Many young actors in the past have gone on to perform in high school and on the Kings Players’ stage, as well as careers in the performing arts.

Four Weddings and an Elvis Presented by the Kings Players

by Annie McGrath

Viva Las Vegas! Come join the Kings Players at the Temple Theatre for Four Weddings and an Elvis. Opening August 18 and running through September 3. When we were selecting plays for the 2023 season, the second I read this play I knew I wanted to direct it; the only trouble is I had never directed a play before! I am so very glad that I decided to make this play my first.

The Kings Players Opening Show of 2023 The New Kid on the Block

by Amanda Braden

The Kings Players are back at it with a comedic, heartfelt play, The New Kid on the Block, written by Pat Cook and directed by Amanda Braden. This family-friendly grumpy old man comedy is being put on by the Kings Players at the historic Temple Theater at 514 Visalia St. in Hanford. This heartfelt comedy opens this coming March 3 and runs until March 19, 2023. The three first weekends of March 2023!

Wage Warfare Wraps Up the Season for the Kings Players

by Joseph Katz

Join us as The Kings Players at the Temple Theater wrap up their 2022 season with the light-hearted comedy, Wage Warfare. Young Hope finds herself sandwiched in between prim Bonnie and surly Louise, with the only apparent ‘hope’ for relief a sudden opportunity for promotion. Antics ensue when the three women all vie for the promotion and do their best to undermine each other, as Hope is reluctantly drawn into the other two women’s skulduggery.

A Summer Classic On Stage In Hanford!

by Louella Moreland

The Curious Savage by John Patrick has been one of my favorite plays since I was a sophomore in high school. When Kings Players was searching for plays for the 2022 season, this little gem was chosen. and I was delighted to step up to direct it. Then I wondered what I got myself into because our stage is TINY and all eleven actors need to be on it in a rather chaotic scene toward the end! And there are lighting challenges for a small theater such as ours!

The Widow in Mink Presented by the Kings Players

by Lorie Lewis Ham

Kings Players’ second play of the season continues their Family Friendly Entertainment with The Widow in Mink. Margaret Osgood finds herself a recent widow and quite wealthy. She adjusts to her new life by buying herself a mink coat and joining the Wandering Widows’ Club where she creates a new social life. She soon finds herself pursued by her late husband’s business partner who questions her desire to donate much of her money to charity. Is he concerned about her financial future or is he more interested in his own?



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