Kat Richardson

Shadowed Souls, Edited By Jim Butcher & Kerrie L. Hughes: Review/Giveaway

by Lorie Lewis Ham

Shadowed Souls in an anthology with a bit of a different twist--the "heroes" in the stories are not your typical heroes and nothing is as simple as black and white.
The list of writers in this anthology is a fantasy lovers delight! Two of them are some of my favorite writers--Jim Butcher and Kat Richardson. I have also discovered some writers I had never tried before and now can't wait to check out what else they have written.

Seattle’s Marvelous Mystery Bookshop

by Kat Richardson

I found the Seattle Mystery Bookshop by accident the first time, on a steep street, just off Seattle's famous Pioneer Park. It's a little place, tucked behind a brick arch and an iron railing. The sidewalk of Cherry Street slopes past at head height and an acute angle. It seems as if there ought to be something mysterious going on in such a place, hiding in plain sight, like a purloined letter, yet tucked away in a corner where any sort of fascinating and curious things might drift in and come to rest.

Revenant By Kat Richardson

by Terrance Mc Arthur

Harper Blaine has died several times and is a Greywalker, able to identify auras and travel the realm between normality and paranormality. Quinton, her husband in all but the legal sense, has been gone for a year, scouring Europe for his father, who has plans to make the world better by destroying it, quietly causing political, economic, and social unrest in Ukraine and other countries. In Revenant, Kat Richardson’s ninth and final Greywalker novel, Quinton contacts her to come to Portugal and help him, she gets help from Carlos, her favorite Portuguese vampire/necromancer, who helps her cross the Atlantic…like the vampires do (Think about the easiest way to travel the ocean in an airplane without people bothering you for a passport).

Ferret Legalization in California

by Kat Richardson

Whether you call them “California stretch kittens,” “tube rats,” or “furry knee socks,” the domestic ferret is a charming little creature, welcomed as a pet in forty-eight states of the United States and every country in Europe. Current estimates place the number of pet ferrets in the U.S. at between seven million and ten million with no negative impact on the economies, agriculture, health, or welfare of any state where they are legal.

Staff Picks For Favorite Books of 2013

by KRL Reviewers

KRL reviewed a lot of really good and great books in 2013, but we decided to give our best shot at choosing our top 5 of the year--some of us cheated a little, but here are our choices! And if you are an author who is not on the list, take heart--like I said, they were all good books!

Seawitch: a Greywalker novel by Kat Richardson: Book Review/Interview/Giveaway

by Terrance Mc Arthur

Harper Blaine has died—several times—and has become a Greywalker, able to see into and travel through the Grey between this world and the next with spirits and other creatures. In Seawitch, the seventh of Kat Richardson’s paranormal series, the insurance investigator must solve the mysterious reappearance of the Seawitch, a boat that has been missing for 27 years. All hands were lost…or were they…and were they all human?