Judy Alter

Do female sleuths need a sidekick?

by Judy Alter

When she reviewed Irene Deep in Texas Trouble, Kathleen Costa wrote, “Ok, I love Irene! I love the dynamic between the two women although it seems difficult to define. Are they friends? Colleagues? A Sherlock and Watson duo?” Costa’s review raised some questions I, as author, hadn’t thought about, though I sometimes struggled with the relationship between the two women.

Fictional Characters and Believability

by Judy Alter

In a review of one of my Kelly O’Connell Mysteries, a reader wrote that the characters were just like people you would meet in the grocery store, comfortable and believable. Another reader, a neighbor, wrote me that she saw Kelly going into their favorite restaurant. I was thrilled that readers thought of my characters as real people. After all, one of our goals as mystery authors is to create characters that draw readers in, characters they can identify with.

Sleuthing Women: 10 First-in-Series Mysteries

by Lois Winston

Back when I penned my first novel at the end of the last century, I thought that being an author meant sitting at my desk writing books. I also thought it was the publisher’s job to promote those books so that we both made money. Silly me! Once upon a time that was true, but by the time I sold my first book, publishers had abdicated this responsibility for all but a handful of their authors. Promotional efforts had become the responsibility of authors.

Coming Attractions: Fall Mystery Reading Suggestions

by Sunny Frazier

With the cooler fall weather nearly upon us, time to curl up with a good book. Need suggestions? Continue reading!
Prolific author, John Grisham, has a new legal offering with Gray Mountain. Samantha Kofer never saw the recession of 2008 coming. When she loses her job at a Wall Street law firm, she goes to work for a legal aid clinic in Brady, VA, in the Appalachians. Although she isn't getting paid, reward and life lessons come from helping people with real problems.