Joyce Ann Brown

Tailed By Joyce Ann Brown: Review/Giveaway

by Doward Wilson

Let me introduce you to Beth, the "Landlady" and Sylvester, the "Psycho Cat!" Beth, her husband Arnie, and her sister Meg, and brother-in-law Paul are ending a great RV vacation to Texas when both their trucks are broken into and Paul's gun is stolen, along with keys to Beth's and Arnie's RV and the paperwork with its current location.

Coming Attractions: No April Showers Edition

by Sunny Frazier

We're stuck in a drought but we can dream of oceans, can't we? Author Luke Christodoulou brings us back once again to the Greek Isles in The Church Murders. On the island of Salamina, a reporter is stabbed to death while investigating a gospel written by Jesus. On Santorini, bodies are piling up. Seven Ionian islands, seven more bodies. A boy experiences stigmata on Kefallonia. Police Captain Papacosta and Lieutenant Cara have their hands full, and readers experience a visual vacation.

A Hit and a Miss: Halloween Mystery Short Story

by Joyce Ann Brown

A figure plunged out of the shadows like a deer bolts onto a freeway, giving the driver no time to react. Since the roadway in question was a residential street in a quiet Kansas City neighborhood, Marci had a smidgen more time to jam her foot on the brake and squeal to a stop than she would at highway speeds. A ghostly white face with huge eyes turned into the headlights. Marci squeezed her eyes shut. Her seat belt prevented her from slamming into the steering wheel, but the dread of hearing a thud caused her adrenalin to spike and her heartbeat to race into her throat.



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The gold medal for all-around wonderful kitty could easily go to darling Chicken Little! This cutiepie never misses an opportunity to hoot it up with her friends, explore any nook or cranny, and make it her mission to check out whatever happens to be going on. Chicken Little came along way after suffering a toe injury calling for immediate amputation. She's all better now and you can't even notice she's missing a rear toe. What an adorable combination she is of fun-loving spirit and sweet, deep affection, a girl who will easily capture hearts in a forever family that cherishes her. Precious Chicken Little would love to be your most darling doll! Check her out on the Cat House website to learn more.