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John Bishop MD

by John Bishop, MD

There was no response from the patient in Room 823 of University Hospital. She was crouched on the bed, in position to leap toward the end of the bed in the direction of yours truly. I could not determine her age, but she definitely appeared to be a wild woman. Her hair was a combination of gray and silver, long and uncombed and in total disarray. She had a deeply lined face, leathery, with no makeup. Her brown eyes were frantic, and her head moved constantly to the right and left. She was clad only in an untied hospital gown which dwarfed her small frame. My guess? She wasn’t over five feet tall.


Act of Deception: A Doc Brady Mystery


FROM THE 2020 Articles,
andMysteryrat's Maze

by John Bishop MD

I began writing in the mid-1990s, and created a character named Dr. Jim Bob Brady, an orthopedic surgeon in Houston, Texas, who had a penchant for getting himself involved in sordid murders and mysteries and, ultimately, being able to solve them. I wrote a series of novels about Doc Brady, which didn’t make the cut back then, but which are being published now after all this time.


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