Janet Dawson

The Things We Keep By Janet Dawson: Review/Giveaway

by Cynthia Chow

As a favor for her fiancé, Oakland private investigator Jeri Howard is helping to inventory the contents of a Queen Anne home soon to be sold in the high-priced town of Alameda. Dan’s friend Noel Benjamin has been tasked by his Great-Aunt Gloria to have the home ready for the market, even though she claims to already have a buyer and won’t be placing it up for bid.

KRL’s Favorite Books of 2021

by KRL Staff

Another year has ended and once again we take a look back at just a few of the many books that were reviewed in KRL and KRL News and Reviews in 2021. While 2021 was another difficult year, a lot of wonderful books came out! All but one of our main reviewers share in this post their top 5-10ish favorite books they reviewed in 2021. Katherine Costa wanted to include favorite authors and TV shows that she has reviewed, so hers is going up in a separate post next week!

Life Provides Inspiration

by Janet Dawson

The phone rang on Mother’s Day. As the adult child of an elderly parent, it was the call we dread. The voice on the other end of the line, that of a dispatcher from an alert device company, said my elderly mother had activated her device. They had not been able to establish voice contact with her. The paramedics were on their way.

The Sacrificial Daughter By Janet Dawson: Review/Giveaway/Interview

by Cynthia Chow

Kay Dexter has seen the toll aging can take on an entire family. Her own father suffered from Alzheimer’s for years, with his denial making his care a stressful, emotionally draining experience. It also led her into becoming a geriatric care manager in Rocoso County, her hometown in northern Sierra Nevada. With a master’s degree in social welfare and a former Alameda County social worker, Kay coordinates with another social worker and an RN to manage long-term health care for seniors and their families.

Coming Attractions: No April Showers Edition

by Sunny Frazier

We're stuck in a drought but we can dream of oceans, can't we? Author Luke Christodoulou brings us back once again to the Greek Isles in The Church Murders. On the island of Salamina, a reporter is stabbed to death while investigating a gospel written by Jesus. On Santorini, bodies are piling up. Seven Ionian islands, seven more bodies. A boy experiences stigmata on Kefallonia. Police Captain Papacosta and Lieutenant Cara have their hands full, and readers experience a visual vacation.

What You Wish For By Janet Dawson: Book Review/Interview/Giveaway

by Gloria Feit
& Lorie Lewis Ham

Lindsey Page, first introduced to readers by this author as a friend of the protagonist PI Jeri Howard in Witness to Evil, one of ten books in that series, returns here as one of four women, friends since their college days in Berkeley, California, around whom the story revolves. Lindsey is a historian who usually writes about the 19th century American west, but whose current work-in-progress is a study of Latin American women who had emigrated to the US as a result of wars and upheavals in their native countries.



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