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Jane Tesh

by Cynthia Chow

Madeline Maclin has done what she can to move past her identity as the Miss Parkland, North Carolina’s beauty pageant winner. Not only does she own and run her Madeline Maclin Investigations, Madeline has begun to attract a reputation as a talented artist. While her mother has never truly accepted the fact that her daughter has given up the pageant lifestyle for a career as a private detective, Cecile Maclin is using Madeline’ artwork to promote a fundraising gala. On the board of the Parkland Museum of Art, Madeline’s mother has coerced her daughter into lending pieces to be on display.


by Cynthia Chow

Love is flowing through the house at 302 Grace Street, but unfortunately it’s not flowing very smoothly. Reluctant psychic Camden is marrying his fiancée Ellin in one month, but plans for the dresses, cake, and even number of bridesmaids remain unfinished. Ellin loves Camden, but she detests his career, friends, and current residence. In the meantime, private detective David continues to propose to his fellow boarder Kary, but their inability to communicate is standing in their way.


by Cynthia Chow

After successfully creating her own private investigation firm, solving multiple murders, and marrying her former college best friend Jerry Fairweather, one would think that Madeline “Mac” Maclin would consider herself to be settled and successful. However, Jerry inherits his uncle’s home, which prompts a move to the sedate and small city of Celosia, North Carolina, where Jerry’s past as a con artist and occasional fake psychic continues to reappear. Mac is constantly on her toes as she attempts to keep her husband occupied and out of trouble.


by Cynthia Chow

Since the car crash that devastated his life David Randall has managed to pull his life together through the unlikely means of running a detective agency out of the boarding house of his friend Camden, a psychic and David’s occasional detecting partner.


by Diana, Terell, Terrance & Sandra

Since we’re all running around trying to think of the perfect gifts for friends and family, KRL thought what’s more perfect than a book! So here are some suggestions for some great mystery & fantasy books that would make perfect gifts! And as a bonus, we are also giving away copies of 4 of the 5 books below!


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