Jan Christensen

Blessed With Ignorance: Mystery Short Story

by Jan Christensen

My first impression of Phillip was that he was blessed with ignorance. He knew nothing of world events, nothing of religion. And probably nothing much about sex. It was sort of refreshing—no angry tirades about the current goings on in the White House and Congress, and no heated discussions about religion. I figured he must be happy—ignorance is bliss, right? I wasn't so sure about being ignorant about sex, but he could learn, couldn't he?

The Surprise in Room 203: Mystery Short Story

by Jan Christensen

When Marge entered the hotel room, she sighed. She'd been cleaning rooms for eight years and often saw big messes, but rarely did she smell such a strong odor. Windows wouldn't open, so she turned the thermostat down as low as it would go and propped open the door to the hall. Then she began to gather up and sort clothing, papers, old newspapers, McDonald's wrappers, greasy French fries and other items. The occupant hadn't checked out, so she couldn't just trash everything. She finally reached the closed bathroom door and opened it.

The Antidote: Mystery Short Story

by Jan Christensen

Judy mixed the drink with care. A shot of gin over ice in a tall glass, fill with tonic and add a wedge of lemon – just a teaspoon of arsenic – stir. She mixed the second drink with equal precision, but without poison. She took two paper cocktail napkins and walked to the living room, noticing with detachment that her hand wasn't even shaking.

Coming Attractions: Beach Edition

by Sunny Frazier

Ah, summer! A chance to lie in the sun coated with sunscreen and read. Quench your thirst for a good story with these novels: KRL “fave,” Nancy J. Parra has a new series out featuring event planner/sleuth, Pepper Pomeroy. A surprise marriage proposal and getaway for her sister gets hijacked at a private airport when a man's body is found in the women's restroom. Does the fiancé have more to hide than an engagement ring? Pepper's on the case! Engaged in Murder is available in trade and on Kindle.



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