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J.R. Lindermuth

by Doward Wilson
& J.R. Lindermuth

Flora Vastine is a police officer in the small town of Swatara, Pennsylvania. Her long time neighbor, Mrs. Kepler, stops her as she is leaving for work to ask for her help. Her daughter, Jan, had not returned from a birding outing the afternoon before. Jan is a local school teacher and had grown up and gone to school with Flora, but they had never really been friends. Jan’s only friend is Peg Peabody, a retired teacher and fellow birder who Jan assisted in conducting birding tours.


by Cynthia Chow

Initially, the minor cases of arson in Swatara Creek, Pennsylvania seem to be mischievous acts committed by bored teenagers. That doesn’t mean that the relatively new Police Chief Aaron Brubaker isn’t nervous, though, especially since the former chief Daniel “Sticks” Hetrick is no longer available for consultation now that he is a county detective working for the prosecutor. Tensions only increase as prominent businesses are targeted and police officer Flora Vastine begins to receive gifts and notes from the suspected arsonist.


by J.R. Lindermuth

I’m sheriff over to Arahpot and one thing folks know about me is I don’t shirk my duty, especially not when it comes to women and kids. I just wasn’t prepared for what awaited me this day.


by Cynthia Chow,
Sandra Murphy & Sharon Tucker

During the late 1940s, after World War II, Vince Pope retired from private investigation into a relatively luxurious life with his new wealthy socialite wife, Laura Thronson. He can’t escape his past or his reputation though and Pope continues to be consulted by potential clients pleading for him to return at least one more time to his occupation as a private eye.


by J.R. Lindermuth

“Woman has no virtue,” Simon Kemble said.
Can’t rightly say I disagreed with him, but a sheriff’s got to take things at face value. Can’t go making accusations without proof or contributing to speculation on the nature of a person. I looked from Kemble to the girl seated beside him at his kitchen table. She sure matched the description of Mary Ann Hewitt.


by Cynthia Chow
& The authors of 4 Of A Kind

Poker is a game that revolves around skill, guile, and perhaps most of all, luck. In these four novella-length stories all play a factor in influencing the fate of their main characters, many of whom are often as deceptive as their opponents. While the successfulness of their heroes may vary, all the stories share a noir tone and enough twists and turns to surprise the canniest of mystery readers.


by J.R. Lindermuth

“Didn’t think you’d be open today,” Benny Spinosa said, glancing around and seeing he had his choice of stools at the bar. Donovan, the owner, was the only other person in the place.
“What? Why would I close when I know I got friends like you with nowhere else to go? You want a beer?”


by Sandra Murphy & J.R. Lindermuth

Gavin Cutter just wants to paint—scenes of the ocean, rocks and to have the paintings good enough that people can smell the salty water, just by looking. While out painting one day, he sees a sailing ship, but this one is not behaving as it should. A woman walking her dog on the beach shouts a warning when it suddenly turns and heads for the reef. Cutter is the first aboard, followed by two local sailors. The ship seems intact, the wheel tied down, no one aboard except a limping dog.


by J.R. Lindermuth

Despite his other faults, I’ve always regarded Donovan as a good father. So it came as a surprise the night he sided with his wife, Charmaine, and refused to give his daughter money for something she wanted.

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