J.C. Nelson

Armageddon Rules By J.C. Nelson

by Terrance Mc Arthur

Flesh-eating poodles, gnomes with a death wish, a teen-aged girl with body-image issues and a following of rats, and a boyfriend with a dragon curse. You’d think that would be enough trouble for anybody. For Marissa (aka Goldie) Locks, partner in the Fairy Godfather’s Agency, that’s only the beginning in J. C. Nelson’s Armageddon Rules, her second Grimm Agency novel.

Free Agent By J.C. Nelson

by Mary Anne Barker

Free Agent by J.C. Nelson is the first novel in what looks to be a new series. The characters are lively and the dialog and the action move along at a good pace. The main character is Marissa Locks. Marissa is a debt slave to Grimm, a fairy godfather, having been traded to him at 16 to get a miracle to save her younger sister's life. She works different jobs for Grimm trying to earn enough glitter, the magical equivalent of money, to be free one day and go home to her family.



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