Irene’s Cafe

Great Food Search: A Taste of the Tower District

by Terrance McArthur

The Great Food Search has trekked up and down the San Joaquin Valley, ventured to Morro Bay and Mariposa, and sampled the foods of the Fresno Rogue Performance Festival. Currently, I have been busy in Fresno, rehearsing for the Good Company Players production of I Remember Mama at GCP’s 2nd Space Theatre (which opened this weekend). Being a semi-human individual, I need sustenance to sustain me through these play practices, so I eat. Where do I eat? In the Tower District, which the City of Fresno defines as the area bounded by Blackstone, Belmont, West, and Shields. Let me tell you about my edible explorations.

Irene’s Cafe In The Tower: More Than Just Great Food

by Tom Sims

I had no idea what to expect from Irene’s Café. I’ve driven by and walked by it for years, but have never gone in. It always seemed clean and busy from the outside with an attractive and compelling presence. I just never had a need to try it out when I was in the neighborhood. Assignments such as these open a world of possibilities. I went for the purpose of writing about another Tower District experience. I will return for the atmosphere and for the flavor as well as for the sense of community.