Ilona Andrews

Magic Shifts By Ilona Andrews

by Jesus Ibarra

The eighth book in this exciting urban fantasy series is in a way a readjustment that cleverly sets up a possible endgame. It adds creative energy into this long-running series by having Kate and Curran break away from the Pack. This book takes that energy and runs with it. Seeing Kate and Curran living away from the Pack and dealing with new problems is so much fun.

Night Shift Anthology

by Mary Anne Barker

Night Shift is comprised of four short stories by Nalini Singh, Ilona Andrews, Lisa Shearin and Milla Vane. All of the stories are paranormal and most are in modern-to-futuristic settings, with the exception of the medieval feel delivered by the last one.

Magic Breaks By Ilona Andrews

by Mary Anne Barker

I have been looking forward to Magic Breaks, the new book by Ilona Andrews; they just keep getting better and better. This whole series has been building to this point. Kate has been running from her father her whole life. He tried to kill her before she was born. Her mother ran away from her father to keep her safe and sacrificed her life to protect Kate. Basically her father murdered her mother, trying to kill Kate.