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Summer Time Pasta Salad

by Margaret Mendel

Who wants to cook in the summer? I sure don’t and I do everything I can to get out of standing over a hot stove in the warmer weather. Some days the best I can do in the summer heat is boil water. That’s when pasta salads begin to appear on our dinner table in the evenings. I like to cook a large batch of pasta and then divide it into a couple of meals depending on how many family members will be home for dinner.

Self Sufficiency & Survival

by Brian Wall

As a kid I always loved it when the power went out. It was exciting! Life was acceptably unpredictable and a tinge out of control. It was fun lighting the candles, peering out the window at the pitch black outside, gathering together as a family and talking or playing cards until PG&E could get things figured out – usually an hour or so later. Almost everything a Reedley Mom needs to know

by Diana Bulls

Any child can tell you that Moms know everything there is to know about anything, and Moms have been reinforcing this belief for eons. Up until now, the big file vault of Mommy information has been a well kept secret. That is all about to change. This reporter and Kings River Life are actually going to let the world know the whereabouts of a potential mom information stash!

Exercise and Your Dog

by Sheryl Wall

Many studies show how important being fit is to you and your dog. According to Dog Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook, approximately 20 percent of dogs are obese in the United States. They also state that it causes complications for those with several diseases such as arthritis, heart disease, and diabetes. Exercise also helps avoid a dog’s destructive behaviors such as digging, barking, and chewing that occur because of boredom and it can build confidence, and strengthen the dog and owners bond with each other.

The One That Got Away

by Joyce Brandon

When you are involved in animal rescue, very often if feels as if you are fighting a losing battle. Too many animal owners are oblivious to the fact that their actions or inactions, as it may be, have long reaching and long lasting effects. The story of our little mountain puppies demonstrates this so clearly

Easy Easter Dinner

by Margaret Mendel

Once Daylight savings begins, I start planning my Easter dinner. We usually have between 12 and 14 people sitting at our table on that day. It used to be a big deal and I’d spend long hours shopping and preparing special dishes.