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Hallmark Movies & Mysteries: Aurora Teagarden Mysteries Something New

by Kathleen Costa

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries has found a creative way to continue its Aurora Teagarden franchise without its original, iconic star Candace Cameron Buré. The young Aurora, however, is not Buré’s daughter, Natasha, who played the high school version in the flashbacks in Haunted by Murder, but instead Skyler Samuels has been cast as the college graduate.

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries: The Dancing Detective, A Deadly Tango

by Kathleen Costa

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries is shining brightly with several returning and new mysteries to excite fans. The very popular Hallmark lead Lacey Chabert (Crossword Mystery) is cast in the role of Detective Constance Bailey in the new The Dancing Detective: A Deadly Tango. Her co-star, British actor and Hallmark regular Will Kemp, is one with whom she is very familiar having concocted sweetness in Love, Romance, & Chocolate and tripped the light fantastic in Christmas Waltz.

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries: The Cases of Mystery Lane

by Kathleen Costa

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries experienced some changes with the departure of a few established stars, but they didn’t just sit around pining for the good ol’ days; they started looking forward. Their newest Signature Mystery, The Cases of Mystery Lane, just aired starring Aimee Garcia, known for many roles including Dexter and Lucifer, and Paul Campbell, a popular Hallmark lead actor with many roles including the recently aired Three Wise Men and a Baby. Together they portray a crime-solving couple.

Kate Carlisle’s Fixer-Upper Mysteries Coming Soon on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

by Lorie Lewis Ham

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel has been taking a lot of cozy mystery book series and turning them into movies and we at KRL have reviewed most of them. We were excited to hear that Kate Carlisle's Fixer-Upper Mysteries was the next series to be turned into movies, with the first on airing this month. We took some time to chat with Kate about this exciting news.

Aurora Teagarden Mysteries on Hallmark

by Doward Wilson

Meet Aurora Teagarden, librarian and murder mystery fan, played by Candace Cameron Bure in these Hallmark Movies & Mysteries adaptations of the first three books in the Aurora Teagarden Mysteries series by Charlaine Harris. Aurora’s mother, Aida, owner of a local real estate agency, is ably played by Marilu Henner.



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