Greater NY/NJ Scottie Rescue

Happy Go Lucky Wheaties

by Lee Juslin

Breydon, a five-month-old Wheatie, came into Greater NY/NJ Scottie Rescue from a Mennonite puppy mill. Like so many puppy mill dogs, he has a genetic defect in that he has no knee joint in a rear leg. To make matters worse, he was kept in a cage preventing the leg muscles from strengthening. Consequently, he was dragging his leg when he came into rescue.

Whee! I can Fly!

by Lee Juslin

Valentina, at barely one-year-old, is still very puppy-ish. She is super active, loves toys, and is a very busy girl. Her foster mom says she jumps on the sofa and flies to nearby chairs or tables.
Valentina was purchased by a nice family from a pet shop, but they had no Scottie experience. In addition, the parents were very busy between working full time, their children’s school, and after school activities. Consequently, Valentina spent a lot of time alone in her crate.

Luna Enjoys Delayed Puppyhood

by Lee Juslin

Luna, a little Scottie girl, had a rough start in life. She was part of a puppy mill where she was chained up 24/7 with a lot of other dogs. When Animal Control moved in to seize the dogs, Luna and the others were sent to a shelter. Luckily for Luna, the shelter called Greater NY/NJ Scottie Rescue, and she is now safe in the arms of rescue.

Tiggy, a Velcro Dog

by Lee Juslin

Tiggy, a young Cairn, was turned into NY/NJ Scottie Rescue when his owner lost her husband. She was overwhelmed with the loss and didn’t have the time to give Tiggy the attention he craved and was used to. The lady’s sister was a breeder and gave her a Scottie puppy hoping it would cheer her up.

Bentley Needs a Forever Home

by Lee Juslin

An owner turn-in from a family who had gotten him as a puppy, Bentley had no big health issues when he came into NY/NJ Scottie Rescue. However, he was not up to date on his vaccines and he had several bad teeth that gave his mouth an unpleasant odor. Erica from the rescue took him into the group’s vet. They did a full work-up on Bentley including X-rays to see if there were signs of any hidden masses or problems, and a full blood panel. Bentley passed with flying colors.

Fannie and Farley, a Home for the Holidays

by Lee Juslin

Fannie at three and Farley at five were two beautiful Scotties that were living the good life. They lived with a couple who doted on them and even after the wife developed some health problems, her husband was able to walk and exercise them. Then the husband died rather suddenly and the wife was left with the difficult decision of what was best for Fannie and Farley.