Good Company Players

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) On Stage at 2nd Space

by Terrance McArthur

William Shakespeare (1564-1616), playwright, poet, actor. The Bard of Stratford-on-Avon. People have been interpreting and re-interpreting his works for more than 400 years. He has had his language censored, happy endings added to tragedies, plays turned into musicals (“Maria-a-a-a! I just met a girl named Maria-a-a-a!”), gender roles switched, and translated into Klingon.

Sugar On Stage At Roger Rocka’s

by Terrance McArthur

Sugar is swee-ee-eet. The 1972 musical, based on Billy Wilder’s 1959 movie Some Like It Hot, based on Fanfare of Love (a 1935 French film), is singing, dancing, and laughing its way into the hearts of audiences in a Good Company Players production at Roger Rocka’s Dinner Theater through July 14.

Q&A With Local Actor Jessica Knotts

by Lorie Lewis Ham

We used to do a lot of local actor profiles early on, but we haven’t done as many in the last several years. It’s not that there aren’t still a lot of talented local actors out there, because there are, but we have expanded into so many other areas over the years that we don’t have as much space for the profiles as we used to.

Moon Over Buffalo On Stage At 2nd Space

by Terrance McArthur

Farce is a kind of comedy that often includes slapstick/physical action, leering innuendo, mistaken identities, and outrageous situations. One way to judge a farce is by how many doors are on the stage, and how often they slam open or shut. Count the doors on the set of The Good Company Players’ 2nd Space Theatre production of Ken Ludwig’s 1995 comedy Moon Over Buffalo—It’s a five-banger!

Amadeus On Stage at 2nd Space

by Terrance McArthur

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Antonio Salieri. Two musicians of the 1700s. Mozart was a creative genius, an immortal composer whose works are treasured, centuries after his death. The main reasons Salieri is known today are his claims that he killed Mozart, and Peter Shaffer’s 1979 play Amadeus, which is now playing at the Good Company Players’ 2nd Space Theatre through February 18.