Glenn Close

Resilience: Two Sisters & a Story of Mental Illness By Jessie Close

by Christine Anderson

Jessie Close is an internationally recognized speaker, author, poet, and advocate for mental health reform. She lives with bipolar disorder in the foothills of the Tobacco Root Mountains outside Bozeman, Montana with her service dog, Snitz, and three other dogs. She is the author of The Warping of Al (Harper & Row, 1990), and she writes a regular blog for Bring Change 2 Mind, an anti-stigma organization that her sister, Glenn, created at Jessie's request.

Three Reasons Damages is One of the Most Watched Shows on Television

by Tess Young

Damages is a TV lawyer program that features Glenn Close, John Goodman, Rose Byrne, Ted Danson and others. It is a well thought out show with great acting and top notch actors in a dark environment. The creators of this television show have gone through some considerable effort not to center this program on the courtroom and moving from case to case. Instead, Damages is focused on blackmail and depositions, in intrigue and compromise...all outside of the courtroom.