ghost stories

A New Year’s Haunting: The Victorian Ghost Party Craze

by Sarah Peterson-Camacho

As frost and fog envelop the Central Valley in the ghostly shroud of winter, thoughts drift inward to the warmth of family, home, and the holidays. But as the Christmas tree is lit and the New Year rung in with loved ones, the season’s longest, darkest nights recall a time when ghost stories and spooky soirees were the otherworldly order of the day.

Ghost Stories of Sanger

by Terrance Mc Arthur

People tell stories at Halloween, lots of stories. Which ones might have a bit of truth behind them? It’s hard to tell.
Here’s what I’m going to do. I will tell you five stories of hauntings and unearthly happenings near Sanger, CA. One of them will be a story I made up. The others will be occurrences that have been witnessed and investigated. Your job is to find the phony among the frights. No prizes, just the satisfaction that you weren’t fooled.