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George The Giant

by Terrance Mc Arthur

George Mc Arthur does strange things: fire-eating, sword swallowing, pounding large nails up his nostrils—but when you stand 7’3” and are known as George the Giant, you can get away with things like that. The strangest thing he ever did was open a pop-up museum of unusual things, in October of 2018.


by Terrance Mc Arthur

When George Mc Arthur was a little boy, he went to the Kern County Fair and saw a sideshow in the carnival: the fire-eater, the sword swallower, and other acts. “I was fascinated,” he says, “by what the human body can do.” He has always remembered that day.


Bakersfield Collector-Con

IN THE August 29 ISSUE

FROM THE 2018 Articles,
andArts & Entertainment,
andSteven Sanchez

by Steven Sanchez

Ask all the avid comic book readers, film buffs, toy collectors, video game players, and costume-wearing aficionados who love to play dress-up year-round, what’s the most popular gathering for this unique crew of individuals to congregate, only one place comes to mind: San Diego Comic-Con International.


by Terrance Mc Arthur

They say it wasn’t really a Rogue show. It wasn’t really a Rogue venue, just an ad in the program. It was only a one-night show, and it’s over. I don’t care! It’s my brother, and I want to tell you how good he was!


George the Giant On Stage

IN THE February 27 ISSUE

FROM THE 2014 Articles,
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andTerrance V. Mc Arthur

by Terrance Mc Arthur

He swallows swords! He eats fire! He’s been on TV, in movies, and in The National Enquirer! He’s set Guinness World Records that nobody wants to break, he’s 7’3”, he’s a master of the sideshow arts, and he’s coming to Fresno for the Rogue Festival(this isn’t technically a Rogue show, but it is taking place in the same area as Rogue at the same time)! FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY…GEORGE “THE GIANT” Mc ARTHUR…my little brother. No, I’m not taller, just older!


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