Gary Phillips

Crime Writers of Color Coming Attractions: April-June 2022

by Elizabeth Wilkerson

When I lived in Tokyo in the ‘80s, I devoured mystery books faster than conveyor belt sushi. But even in the largest bookstores in the world's largest city, English-language mysteries were hard to come by. The books were invariably exiled to a lonely corner in the far reaches of the store. I picked through the desolate shelves, hoping to find a few overlooked titles.

Day of the Destroyers: Edited by Gary Phillips

by Cyntha Chow

In 1934, Marine Corps Major General Smedley Butler testified as to the existence of a group of wealthy businessmen planning a coup d’état during the presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Pulp mystery author Gary Phillips uses this premise as a jumping-off point for an anthology of short stories by both veteran and rookie noir authors. Jeri Westerson, Paul Bishop, and Joe Gentile are among those who join him in creating tales of daring-do, evil villains, and femmes fatales.