Gambling With Murder

King River Life Staff Favorite Books of 2022

by Cynthia Chow, Terrance McArthur, Lorie Lewis Ham,
& Sandra Murphy

It's that time of year again, a time to look back at the books we reviewed here at KRL over the past year and share with you some of our favorites! We reviewed a LOT of books here on KRL and KRL News and Reviews. All but one of our main reviewers shares in this post their top 5-10ish favorite books they reviewed in 2022. Katherine Costa wanted to include favorite authors and TV shows that she has reviewed, so hers went up in a separate post over on KRL News and Reviews this week-you can find it here!

Gambling With Murder By Lida Sideris: Review/Giveaway/Interview

by Cynthia Chow

Attorney Corrie Locke continues to work in the legal department for Ameripictures Film Studios, but her real love is as a budding, almost-licensed private investigator. She and her coworker/former security guard Veera Bankhead are building a reputation for solving murders and just recently tracked down the thefts of movie props, but the lack of an official status has them both frustrated. So when Corrie receives a letter from one of her father's former clients requesting help, she and Veera are ready to jump on the case. Posh Villa Sunset independent living community's resident Dominic Rosetti has only been missing for four days, but his friend Holly Lee is concerned enough to reach out to the now-defunct Lock Private Investigations.