Valley Animal Center Golf Fundraiser

by Mallory Moad

It’s all in the timing. That’s a well-worn phrase that could describe a variety of situations, including the way in which Valley Animal Center’s upcoming fundraiser/adoption event came to be. According to Alisia Sanchez, Marketing Manager for Fresno’s nonprofit no-kill shelter, it was a matter of the right people being in the right place at the right time.

A Halloween Bash To Raise Funds For Valley Children’s Hospital

by Lorie Lewis Ham

I love Halloween and this Valley knows how to do it up right! There are Halloween events all over-some for kids and some for adults-some free and some cost. Some of them are even fundraisers for a good cause. This week we are featuring another Halloween event that is also a fundraiser for Valley Children’s Hospital/Healthcare-a Halloween Bash. The event is being put on by La Visionaria Guild, so we chatted with Dallas Selling, who is the Vice President of the organization and a founding member.

Rattie Ratz: Rat Cafe

by Alyssa Nader

Many of us have heard about cat cafés, which originated in Taiwan and became a beloved craze in Japan, where tourists and residents alike can now choose from the over 150 kitty cafés that are open in the country. Guests can relax and enjoy a hot cup of tea or coffee, basking in the company of animal friends as the cats roam about, a welcome break from the grind of everyday life.

Rent Hits the Valley this Summer — With an HIV/AIDS Fundraiser

by Lorie Lewis Ham

The first local production of Rent to hit the Valley will be taking place this July in Visalia. A special twist on this production is that it will also be an HIV/AIDS fundraiser. The idea to do Rent grew out of a casual conversation director Corey Ralston had with his student co-director. “This has been one of my favorite musicals for a while and when I found out the rights were available the process just got rolling.”