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by Evelyn Jean Pine

A languid tear rolls down the young man’s rugged face.
“My daughter loves these videos,” says my friend, holding her phone in front of my eyes. “She’s transfixed by the feeling.”
That was the teardrop of an idea that became my one-woman play, Freeloader in the House of Love, which opens on Friday, March 6 at 6:45 at Goldstein’s at the Fresno Rogue Festival. The show won the SOLD OUT Award at the San Francisco Fringe and BEST STORY Award at the Boulder Fringe.


by Terrance Mc Arthur

Suppose you were an Englishwoman in 1922, vaguely unsatisfied with your marriage, and you saw an ad for an Italian castle for rent for the month of April? Wouldn’t that intrigue you?


by Noam Osband

Growing up in a very religious Orthodox Jewish family, I didn’t know any non-Jews until I got to college. However, I was lucky enough to have an uncle who made me watch Sunday morning televangelists. He thought it was ludicrous, absurd theater, and I sat there transfixed and inspired. As a kid, I would jokingly lay hands on and provide healings to my friends.


Rogue Festival Preview: The Magic of Eric


FROM THE 2020 Articles,
andRogue Festival

by Eric Hiett

At the age of 7, I, Eric Hiett, became fascinated with magic. Owning a couple books, I was able to put a show together to perform before some friends in the neighborhood. My first real show was when I was twelve and in the eighth grade and performed before the entire school. Everything went wrong and ended up more as a comedy show than a magic show. I continued practicing magic and when I entered college, I was performing before fraternities, sororities, and other college organization.


by Hope Lafferty

This memoir with legs charts Lafferty’s ongoing war with gravity—stories centered around a box [?] and inspired by her lifelong impatience, klutziness, and second-guessing.


by Lorie Lewis Ham

Chicago is coming to Fresno this week and will be performing at the Saroyan Theatre on March 3 and 4. KRL had a chance to chat with one of the actors recently about the show, here is our interview with Sam Hartley who plays Billy Flynn.


by Jeff Bowman,
Wendy Berry, Mike Workman,
Jaguar Bennett, & Tim Mannix

Five Rogue Shows From Local Performers-The Return of The Last Pioneer, Casey’s Story: Missing, Flower Tome Companion Episode IV: The Rise of Umberto, Jaguar and Heather Can Save Your Marriage, and Gobsmacked: The Magic of Tim Mannix


by Eleanor O’Brien

Eleanor O’Brien is bringing her risqué and provocative solo show How to Really, Really? Really! Love a Woman to the Rogue Festival. O’Brien is new to the Rogue, but not new to touring fringe festivals. She is the artistic director of Portland-based sex-positive theater company Dance Naked Productions, and has been making shows about sexuality since 2005.


Books, Beers, and Buddies

IN THE February 22 ISSUE

FROM THE 2020 Articles,
andBooks & Tales,
andFood Fun,
andLorie Lewis Ham

by Lorie Lewis Ham

We’ve all heard of book clubs, and often see photos of people enjoying books and coffee, or books and tea, but what about books and beer? Marissa Raigoza is part of a group that asked that same question and came up with Books, Beers, and Buddies in Fresno who meet at Goldstein’s Mortuary & Delicatessen. KRL took some time to sit down and chat with her about this interesting idea.


by Candice Holdorf,
Les Kurkendaal, & Steve Budd

“The first time Jesus made love to me, I was twelve years old.”
This was the original opening line of my new solo performance show, Portrait of the Heretic as a Young Woman, debuting at the Rogue Festival this year. And while this line now makes its appearance two-thirds of the way through the show, it still encapsulates the driving force behind my journey in Portrait.


by Christopher Alocern

Victorian Seance Revisited is a theatrical representation of a traditional nineteenth-century seance. I created the show in order to share with the general public what it feels like to be in a traditional seance. The seance as we perceive it today was born in the United States in the 1850s and is an important piece of American history. I attended my first seance with my grandparents when I was five.


by Houston Robertson

I call myself The Octobabe, which, in ordinary language, means I’m a sassy, sexy 83-year-old woman. I’m living long and loving it!


Rogue Performer Preview: A Trio of Musical Shows

IN THE February 15 ISSUE

FROM THE 2020 Articles,
andRogue Festival

by Excursions, Amelia Ryan, Spencer/Morris

Here are three Rogue Festival Shows that all involve music! The Excursions, Songs & Stories, and Spencer/Morris


Rogue Performer Preview: Merely a Player

IN THE February 12 ISSUE

FROM THE 2020 Articles,
andRogue Festival,

by Marc Gonzalez

About three years ago I got the idea to write a one-man show. I had been reviewing and attending Rogue Festival performances for a few years, and since I also did theatre, I figured why not give it a try? It wasn’t until a year or so later I started formulating the structure and content of what a one-man show about me would look like.


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