Fresno County

Tippy Toes, Sanger’s Gal About Town: An Animal Rescue Adventure

by Joyce Brandon

Imagine being fifteen pounds and about eighteen inches tall: your line of vision is equal to the kneecaps of most humans, and the tires of most cars.
Imagine living on the streets for eight months: through rain, hail, fog, cold, and heat of summer. Imagine having no steady source of food or shelter. Imagine a life focused on survival. Imagine surviving on the kindness of others. This is Tippy Toes' story, that was Tippy Toes' life.

The Cat House on the Kings

by Rochelle Noblett

Along a lazy stretch of the Kings River, an unlikely tourist destination is developing. Overnight visitors have been arriving from across the globe to see this incredible place, The Cat House on the Kings. Lynea Lattanzio's intention was to get away but that soon changed…