Frederick Ramsay

Finding God in Digby: A Christmas Mystery Short Story

by Frederick Ramsay

The door slammed against the wall, bounced, shuddered, and slapped shut again. Darcie Starling, mouth agape, stood as her father’s picture in the foyer wobbled on its hook, seemed to hesitate, unsure if it should, and then plummeted to the floor with a crash, scattering glass shards across the floor. Seconds later, the Digby police, search warrant in hand, pushed their way in, this time more gently, and proceeded to search her house.

Margo and the Urgent Elf: Mystery Short Story

by Frederick Ramsay

Margo Fairchild cheated at golf. Not during the yearly tournament at the country club where it would not go unnoticed, but other times, in her twice weekly rounds with her friends, for example. Bernice, Mavis and Grace were women she’d known since High School. If they suspected anything amiss with her score, they never said so. Margo, in turn, assumed (correctly) that they, as she, had adopted their own set of rules and scoring systems. In any event, Margo had a low handicap which, in turn, meant she would never win the club championship.

McArdle: A Mystery Short Story

by Frederick Ramsay

It turns out that remembering when McArdle came to town was real important, and, maybe I am the only one that for sure knows when that happened. Seven years ago, May the twelfth, is when he drove into town. The reason I know is because the day before was Mother’s day and also the day Darla McKenzie had told me that she was, like, two weeks late. So, I had a lot of things on my mind at the time. Also, I had just finished up at the Vo-Tech and Jimmy Shorter give me a job at his garage, on probation. That’s the way he put it.

Drowning Barbie By Frederick Ramsay: Review/Interview/Giveaway

by Cynthia Chow

It’s only fitting that the marriage between the unlikely couple of former CIA agent and Sheriff Ike Schwartz and university president Dr. Ruth Harris would occur after a drunken night of revelry in Vegas. While the two do not regret their unconventional nuptials, breaking the news to the nosy friends and family is definitely unpleasant. Luckily, Ike has several murder investigations to keep both himself and the townspeople occupied.