Death and the Sisters By Heather Redmond: Review/Giveaway/Interview

by Terrance McArthur

It’s London, 1814. Mary Godwin and Jane Clairmont are sisters—well, stepsisters. They live above the family bookstore, and there is a dead man downstairs. Is it Percy Bysshe Shelley, the poet? If Percy isn’t the dead man, could he be the murderer? Death and the Sisters is Heather Redmond’s first book in a new series, sending the reader spinning into a historical maze of real-life historical and literary figures.

I, Frankenstein Movie Review

by Jesus Ibarra

I, Frankenstein, an adaptation of a popular comic book of the same name which itself is an adaptation of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, stars Aaron Eckhart as the titular creature. In this adaptation, Frankenstein creates his creature, his creature gets revenge on him for making him and then that’s where things delve into craziness. The creature is drawn into a war for humanity between gargoyles (basically angels) and demons, who want him for some reason.

Frankenweenie: Movie Review

by Sheryl Wall

Frankenweenie is a remake from Tim Burton's short film created in 1984. It is a stop motion film made in black and white. The movie starts out with Victor Frankenstein and his parents watching a stop motion film that Victor made with his dog Sparky as one of the characters.