Animal Rescue of Fresno: Fostering

by Wendy Hunter

Are you looking for adventure? Excitement? The thrill of the unknown? Are you seeking enlightenment? Elation? A zest for life? Is your world humdrum? Desolate? A true bore? Is your furniture spotless? Are your floors spic n’span? Could your house pass the white-glove test? Then perhaps you should consider becoming a foster parent! Being a foster parent can quite possibly alleviate all the symptoms of a dull day-to-day life.

Fostering: Another Animal Rescue Adventure

by Joyce Brandon

We receive e-mails from time to time from adopters who like to give helpful advice to our foster families. Just recently we received an e-mail advising one of our foster moms not to allow puppies to kiss her face, according to our adoptive mom; it is a terribly disturbing behavior when it is carried forward into their permanent home. A while back, a foster mom was chastised for not teaching her foster kitty to forego the very problematic habit of counter surfing. Obviously, the foster mom lacked discipline as this very curious kitty was jumping on the kitchen counters in her new home.