Forensics Class At Reedley High School

by Ashley Brandon

When you think of the word “forensics,” the first thing that pops into your head is CSI. In high schools, forensics is actually a speech and debate class. When some students don’t look at the course definition, they are often disappointed to find out that they won’t be solving crimes! Going into forensics, I knew that it had nothing to do with catching serial killers and saving the world. Having an overwhelming fear of public speaking, let alone one-on-one speaking, I knew it would be a struggle.

Interview With Mystery Author D.P. Lyle/Review/Giveaway: On The Road to LCC

by Terell Byrd, Lorie Lewis Ham
& Sandra Murphy

In the next of our Road to Left Coast Crime 2012 series we had a chance to chat with mystery author D.P. Lyle and review his latest 2 books--Royal Pains: Sick Rich & his non-fiction book for writers, More Forensics and Fiction—Crime Writers Morbidly Curious Questions Answered. At the end of this post is a chance to win a copy of Sick Rich.

Interview With Mystery Author D.P. Lyle/Book Review/Giveaway

by Marilyn Meredith &
Terell Byrd

Marilyn Meredith interviews mystery author D.P. Lyle and Terell Byrd reviews his new book Royal Pains: First Do No Harm. At the end of this post is a chance to win a copy of the book. Not only is D.P. Lyle an author, but with his knowledge of medicine and forensics he has helped many other mystery authors with their research, including KRL's publisher Lorie Lewis Ham. He is a vital part of the mystery community.